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A bespoke end to end classic motorcycle investment service

Classic motorcycle brokerage offers a bespoke, end to end classic motorcycle investment service. We add value to your classic motorcycle while you own it at no cost to you. We work with you to find out what you like, and using our market data and knowledge, we show you which motorcycles will increase in value and why. Helping and assisting you to invest in the machines you like that will offer you the best returns. We find you investment grade examples of your desired classic motorcycles. By using our international network of trusted collectors and experts on the ground, you have access to some of the finest classic motorcycles in the world. We undertake all due diligence and prove it’s genuine. The Motorcycle Broker sets up your machine to be reliable and rideable in our excellent workshops. Our processes of due diligence and our thorough set up of your motorcycle adds enormous value. To understand how vigorous our workshop procedures are, read this article about what we do to every single Honda CBX1000 we buy for every single customer. Each and every motorcycle we buy for every single customer goes through this process. No classic motorcycle dealer, or classic motorcycle auction house, goes to these lengths to deliver and set up their clients’ motorcycles. These processes we put our machines through are vital to ensure that they are reliable and don’t become a burden to their new owner. This is vital work to preserve a forty or fifty year old motorcycle. After we do all this work, then we add even more value while you own it.

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Award winning classic motorcycles

Award winning classic motorcycles from The Motorcycle Broker. Winner of Most Exceptional Motorcycle Award at the Concours D’Elegance Show at Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace 2021 for the MV Agusta 750 Sport we sourced and improved vastly for our customer. There is no higher accolade for motorcycles, regarding Concours D’Elegance shows, in the UK and this adds great value to our customers’ machines. We don’t charge for this as it raises our own profile and Salon Privé is an event we all love at The Motorcycle Broker. There are no motorcycles in the 2022 event, so we won’t be there for 2022, although there are plans for the motorcycles to return for 2023.

Winners Salon Prive 2021

We add value to your investment

When you buy through The Motorcycle Broker, we are constantly adding value to our clients’ classic motorcycles and portfolios. Every machine comes with a due diligence file with proof that is investment grade and a genuine machine. We add value by publishing articles, making professional broadcast quality videos and entering customers’ motorcycles into Concours D’Elegance shows. You don’t have to do a thing, we do it all for you. Piecing together the provenance, building up the history of each motorcycle for each of our clients, are just some of the many ways we are constantly adding value to each piece. This is all included in the purchase price.

Henry Cole Steve Me MVAgusta750Sport

Adding value generates profits

By adding value to your investment, we create interest from more investors, with more interest you receive higher returns. Our process always elicits interest from other investors, so when you want to sell we will already, discreetly, have a buyer. The Motorcycle Broker has been in the motorcycle industry for over thirty years and has worked in the motorcycle industry in dozens of countries. Export markets are constantly being opened up by us, as the classic motorcycle investment market is truly global, as you can see in this page about the classic motorcycle market. There is an international hunger for investment grade classic motorcycles and where there is a market, there is The Motorcycle Broker.

We are discrete

We start, very softly, marketing your machine as you take possession of it so when you come to sell it, there is already interest. We are discrete, so no one will know who owns the motorcycle they are interested in. We sell your machine attaining the highest possible value for you when you want to sell it.

The safe way to invest

Brokerage is the only safe way to invest in classic motorcycles. We only deal with investment grade classic motorcycles, which is 8% of the market. Buying other ways, you have a 92% chance of not buying an investment grade classic motorcycle. With The Motorcycle Broker, you have the certainty of only buying investment grade classic motorcycles.

We can store and insure your motorcycle collection

With space and property at such a premium, we are happy to store your motorcycles and look after them using our motorcycle storage facility here. We can store and insure your classic motorcycle from £45.00 per month. Our secure and fully insured motorcycle storage facility may not be where you live, but you can still ride and enjoy your motorcycles. We offer the only motorcycle concierge service and will deliver and collect your motorcycle anywhere in the country. We can also offer this facility internationally, if required. Please ask us for details.

We sell your investment grade classic motorcycle for you discreetly

Selling through The motorcycle Broker is simple and discrete. You will not have people coming around to your home, we act as their buyer. A contract for the motorcycle is issued, payment is received by us and we pay you and collect.

Classic motorcycle investing could not be easier, more trouble-free or safer. We are an end to end service, so you can enjoy your classic motorcycle collection while making tax-free profits. If you want to invest safely in classic motorcycles, then call The Motorcycle Broker: 01803 865166.

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