Motorcycle Safestore

The Motorcycle Safestore is a unique motorcycle storage solution. Available as either a rigid box or a zip up bag to protect your motorcycle from corrosion. Although your garage may be dry, it’s the elements in the air that cause corrosion and make storing your motorcycle so difficult without it degrading. The Motorcycle Broker has worked with Intercept to create the perfect motorcycle storage solution using military grade technology. The inside of the bags, or rigid boxes, are kept free of corrosive elements by the nature of the material used. The material clears the air inside of the bag, or box, leaving the atmosphere inside it neutral, to protect your pride and joy. It requires no power, it just needs to be zipped up.

Motorcycle storage bag

How to use your motorcycle storage bag.


The material is used by airforces to store their fighter jets, the military to keep communication circuit boards free of corrosion, as well as the oil and energy industries. The technology has been around for a while, but has never been used for motorcycle storage before. We are the sole distributor of these motorcycle storage boxes and use them ourselves in our motorcycle storage facility. The material used by Intercept clearly works successfully in the harshest of environments. They last five years, if looked after correctly, and will preserve your classic motorcycle.

Motorcycle storage box

How to use your motorcycle storage box.

How it works

Many motor museums build cases for their vehicles and fill them with nitrogen. That’s because nitrogen is not at all corrosive. The atmosphere is not pure air, it has elements that speed up corrosion such as sulphurs, chlorides, hydrogen and even ozone over time will accelerate corrosion. The material used for the Motorcycle Safestore neutralises these elements inside the bag or box, ensuring that your motorcycle is not attacked by those more corrosive elements and stays in pristine condition.

How the technology was created

How the technology was created, was during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. The statue is copper but got its green hue from oxidisation. When they started to restore the statue in 1984 it was feared that the iconic statue would be bright copper for many years before it could oxidise back to its green state. A challenge was set to come up with a material that would make it oxidise faster so that when it was unveiled on July 4th 1986, it would still be green. Intercept came up with a material that increased corrosion and the scaffolding around the statue was enveloped in this material for eight weeks. The statue turned green and someone at Intercept realised that reversing this technology would prevent corrosion and so the material was reversed for numerous applications.

Motorcycle storage solution

It’s clear to see that this is the perfect motorcycle storage solution. Once in its bag or rigid box all corrosive elements are neutralised and your motorcycle will not degrade due to corrosion. If you put a dull penny in your Motorcycle Safestore, you will notice that it will become bright in a short space of time. These motorcycle storage boxes and motorcycle storage bags prevent corrosion to anything on the inside of the box or bag.They last for five years and much longer if you don’t open the box or bag once the motorcycle is inside. In some applications they have been known to last for eighteen years. Prices are £250 for the storage bags and £500 for the boxes.

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