Where are emerging market classic motorcycle prices going and why?

Which are the emerging market classic motorcycles?
Emerging market classic motorcycles are iconic Japanese road motorcycles of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. You can add to that various Ducatis, Laverdas and numerous moto cross and trials motorcycles from the same era. However, it is important that you understand which makes and models are the ones to own, where there will always be more buyers than machines available.

How do I know which classic motorcycle is going to rise in value?
Perhaps you have a feel or instinct for this, or maybe you just want to own certain machines; then follow your heart. Maybe you need expert advice and want to invest wisely, as well as enjoy your classic motorcycle, then look for the link at the end of this article. Either way will lead you to great pleasure and to great tax-free financial rewards. Knowing the correct motorcycle to buy and ensuring it is an investment grade motorcycle will help greatly.
Trying to save a few pounds here and there, when you don’t know enough, will lead to losing a fortune as radio DJ, Chris Evans, explains here. He didn’t want to pay for advice and made a big mistake. So take advice if you are not absolutely or sure and you care about protecting your investment. If you really know your bikes, or are not worried about your investment, then enjoy finding the right emerging market classic motorcycle.

Why are these iconic, emerging market classic motorcycles rising in value so quickly?
I would say why are these motorcycles rising in value so slowly? You can buy an immaculate Honda CBX1000 for £13,000. Sounds like a lot for a thirty four year old motorcycle that doesn’t stop or handle. Especially when you could buy mint examples in 2004 for £3,500.
£13,000 is not expensive when, like someone who contacted me recently to explain their story. They bought a CBX1000 off Ebay in 2008. It looked alright, except for the after market exhaust, for £6,500. It dropped a valve so they whipped the engine out and, as always noticed that the general condition wasn’t a good as they thought, so they decided to restore the motorcycle. They finished in 2012 at a total cost of £24,000 and it now has an exhaust that looks like a patchwork quilt. So four years of a man’s life and £24,000 and still the exhaust is wrong makes that original one at £13,000 very inexpensive. If you want a fantastic restoration and supply the donor CBX1000 to The Motorcycle Restoration Company at https://www.motorcyclerestorationcompany.com and give them £25,000 of your hard earned, then you will come out with a great motorcycle. That is why over the next five years a restored or original Honda CBX1000 will easily go to £20-£30,000. Along with a select few other motorcycles, these iconic machines are the Vincents or Broughs of the future for very good reason.
Likewise a Bultaco Pursang will cost over £5,000 to buy and restore, excluding labour, which is why an immaculate one at £3,500 is very good value. There are also other factors that will press those prices to over £7,000 over the next five years.

Where are prices headed in the future?
These emerging market classic motorcycles have a long way to go in the future. Although these machines have increased in value enormously over the last five years, they still have a long way to go. And remember, that as the value of the machines increase, so too does the value of the spares. So there is no doubt, that with the existing size of the market, these machines will increase in value considerably. Then add to that the demographics of people motivated by nostalgia and those wanting better returns on their pensions, classic car buyers investing in classic motorcycles, investors realising that classic motorcycle investment is tax-free and China starting to import classic motorcycles, then these prices will only increase further, but to unimaginable levels (this will be the subject of another article coming soon).

In summary
Prices are headed higher for numerous very good reasons, which are beyond our control. If you know what is going to increase and how to source a really great investment grade classic motorcycle, then now is a great time to invest and enjoy riding your motorcycle. If you want to know what to buy, to find out which machines you like (only ever invest in motorcycles you personally like) and where to buy your investment grade classic motorcycle, then contact Paul Jayson at The Motorcycle Broker.
Above all, enjoy your classic motorcycle and the lifestyle it offers.

Paul Jayson

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