A vintage motorcycle that has history and delivers great profits

In 1971 Alejandro de Tomaso bought Benelli and set about building the first ever production six cylinder motorcycle. Little did he know he was creating a vintage motorcycle that collectors of the future would trade their Vincents for. Wild claims of 95 horse power were wide of the mark, but he did deliver the 750 Sei in 1974. The Benelli 750 Sei is already a vintage motorcycle that has history and delivers great profits for investors. It still offers incredibly good value, if you can find an investment grade piece.

Benelli 750 Sei SquareLHS
Benelli 750 Sei

A mythical motorcycle

With just under 300 produced it was a rare, almost mythical motorcycle. No one had ever seen one and many believed that it just didn’t exist. In 1975 a further 1,500 rolled out of the factory and a handful were actually glanced in public. It lived! The baking summer of 1976 only delivered 87 units with just 283 more in 1977 when God Save the Queen went to number one in the charts. The public went back to thinking that this machine really was mythical and in 1978, its final year of production, De Tomaso went and produced 1058 more pieces.

Six exhausts

However, 1978 was the year of Honda’s fire breathing CBX1000 and the Sei was re-designed, a year later, as a 900 and of not much further interest. The CBX made it all really pointless as well, as the Honda was just….better with its twenty four valves against the Benelli’s twelve and its 105 BHP against the Benelli’s 71 BHP. But those six individual exhausts of the Benelli did give it a style even the Honda could not match. It was also the first production six cylinder motorcycle. The limited numbers, the six exhausts and it being the first really do make this machine a true vintage motorcycle. Values have more than doubled in two years and now avid collectors are hunting the 750 Sei down with great gusto. Only 3,200 were ever built and very few have the original six exhausts still intact. Honda built 24,000 CBX1000s and they are becoming seriously tough to find in investment grade condition, as you can see in my last article. So the Benelli is more than rare and is just as much of an iconic motorcycle, maybe more so.

Benelli Sei Exhausts RHS
Six exhausts as standard really do add to the appeal. Especially when they are genuine items and not replicas

Buyer beware

Buyer beware, as to find an investment grade Benelli 750 Sei is just so difficult and quite a hunting and stalking job. When you do find one, the motor’s usually a wreck and demanding vast sums be spent on it. Parts are almost impossible to find, except for the usual servicing items. So to find this vintage motorcycle for sale, unrestored, in such beautiful and original condition has been quite a coup. It’s probably one of the most original ones out there and has been set up perfectly. As long as the strainer in the sump has been cleaned and the oil and filter have been regularly changed, these are usually great reliable machines. After all, it is only a Honda CB500 with two extra cylinders grafted onto it.

Having the timing absolutely spot on and those three Del Orto carburettors set up correctly is absolutely critical. There can be no leaky inlet manifolds or leaks between the air box and carbs or the bike will just be troublesome and ride disgracefully. But like anything, when everything is working in harmony with one another, then it will bring pure joy. If you want to know what they’re like to ride, then this article will give you a little insight. They are not huge fast or powerful, but they are quite incredible to own and ride as you can read here. A far better design than the more common 900 Benelli that replaced it and far more desirable than the 900 and rarer.

Now is a great time to invest in a Benelli Sei

The Benelli has been somewhat overlooked and eclipsed by investors rushing to buy Honda’s CBX1000. But it has started to break cover now and move out of the big Honda’s shadow. Really good original examples are almost impossible to find and they have to be picked up while they are on the market, if you can find one. But be sure that it’s an investment grade example or you could get caught short. Now is a great time to invest in a Benelli 750 Sei while they are still affordable.

Prices will go stratospheric

People are starting to take note of the Benelli and as they discover how rare they are, it’s becoming a must have for any vintage motorcycle collector. Prices are rising fiercely and owners just do not want to sell their investment grade example. The Benelli 750 Sei has to be a fantastic vintage motorcycle investment and is destined to deliver great profits from motorcycle investment. The benelli 750 Sei is clearly a vintage motorcycle that has history and delivers profits. There is nothing not to like about this vintage motorcycle. Prices will go stratospheric, and have started to take off. If you want to pick up one of the last investment grade examples of this iconic vintage motorcycle, before the prices go ballistic and become unaffordable, then call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615.

Paul Jayson

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