1976 Ducati 900SS Desmo

Unrestored classic motorcycles

Unrestored classic motorcycles are a unique market all to themselves. Classic motorcycles that are fifty plus years old, or even twenty five years old, always come with their own issues related to age however well they've been looked after. However,… Read more »
1975 Laverda Jota outs ide ours RHS

Beware of the Laverda Jota

Beware of the Laverda Jota, not because of its reputation of being "a man's bike", or that it's particularly fast. Beware the Laverda Jota not because of its heavy clutch, lions' roar exhaust note, terrible vibration or strange handling below… Read more »
What to do with crypto profits

What to do with Crypto profits

What to do with Crypto profits after great gains is the difference between a successful investor and an unsuccessful investor. We live in an unstable world which delivers twists and turns we could never have imagined, however this also offers… Read more »
Millyard screen road 5

Allen Millyard’s Kawasaki H2 1000 Road Test

Allen Millyard's Kawasaki H2 1000 road test is an absolute delight to write. I grin from ear to ear, clutching a thesaurus to work out if there are sufficient superlatives. Allen Millyard built this particular Kawasaki H2 four cylinder 1000cc… Read more »
1976 Ducati 860 GTE motor RHS

Future Ducati investment

Seeking a future Ducati investment is something that seems impossible, as it seems that ship has definitely sailed. However, there is a great machine that everyone has overlooked because it is not as stylish and beautiful as the 916 SP,… Read more »
Orange peel on fairing upper

New Ducati 998S FE

We sourced a new Ducati 998S FE for a customer, as they didn’t want to ride their example. One of the biggest problems of these new machines, is are they genuine? Are they really NEW, nearly twenty year old motorcycles?… Read more »