1978 Honda CBX1000 for sale

Honda CBX1000 for sale. It comes with all due diligence passed and set up correctly for many miles of use on the road and an unlimited mileage one year warranty. All original parts, no replica parts on this motorcycle. You will not find a more stunning Honda CBX1000 for sale anywhere. Everything has been checked, as with all of our six cylinder Hondas, by clicking the link in the long description you will understand what we do to these motorcycles. Read the long description to understand why our motorcycles are so much better and completely reliable.


  • Make: Honda
  • Model: CBX1000
  • Manufacture year: 1978
  • Kilometres: 36000
  • Engine size: 1047
  • Gears: 5

Prices are for investment grade motorcycles only.

Honda CBX1000 for sale. All of our Honda CBX1000s go through a rigorous procedure to ensure that they are investment grade. The original exhaust has been taken to pieces and has just been totally rebuilt. It is impossible to see what work has been undertaken, but all rotten material has been removed and replaced with fresh steel. The entire original exhaust has been beautifully chrome plated and all manufacturer’s stamps have been retained. It will come with all due diligence passed and set up correctly for many miles of use on the road and a one year unlimited mileage no quibble warranty. These six cylinder Hondas are very rare and very difficult to find in such excellent condition. The Honda CBX1000 is a great classic motorcycle investment and will continue to increase in value faster than most believe possible.

Very few people can work on the these six cylinder Honda motorcycles, but we have over sixteen years experience and understand them thoroughly. You can read about our unique preservation process each Honda CBX1000 we handle goes through here. We are very thorough indeed with all of our classic motorcycles and our knowledge of Honda’s big six is unparalleled. We take great pride in all of the classic motorcycles we supply and we stand by our warranty. If these Hondas are not set up properly they can be very costly and very troublesome, however ours are like buying a new motorcycle from Honda in 1978. Once set up they are very inexpensive to run and enjoy, provided that the service and maintenance is kept up. This involves oil changes every 1000 miles and filter changes every 2000 miles and valves checked every 16,000 miles. Finding an investment grade Honda CBX1000 for sale has become almost impossible, especially as values are increasing so rapidly. As you can see in this Classic Motorcycle Mechanics piece written two years ago, these machines were getting hard to find even then.

Most of these machines are not investment grade classic motorcycles, but this example is and will grow in value offering great tax-free returns over the coming years. If you want a beautiful, investment grade Honda CBX1000 then call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615 or Email [email protected]

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