Prototype Ducati MH900e for sale

Prototype Ducati MH900e for sale. This is chassis number 000001 and the plaque on the tank is 0000 of 2000. Read the full spec sheet in the long description as there is only one of these in the world. This is a unique opportunity to buy into some incredible vintage Ducati history and is a great investment.

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  • Make: Ducati
  • Model: MH900e Prototype
  • Manufacture year: 1999
  • Kilometres: 5
  • Engine size: 900
  • Gears: 6

Prices are for investment grade motorcycles only.

Prototype Ducati MH900e for sale. These were a limited edition machine to celebrate Mike Hailwood’s historic win at the Isle of Man in 1978, the the designation MH900e. Destined to be a classic, as you can read in this article, many were hoarded straight into collections as vintage motorcycle investments. This is chassis number 000001 and the plaque on the tank is 0000 of 2000 (spot the mistake by Ducati). There are other MH900es with the plaque number 0000 and those were machines built for motorcycle shows. None of them are chassis number 000001 like this one, so it is a unique vintage motorcycle investment. This was built completely by hand, the exhaust is hand crafted, the petrol tank and many many other parts. The petrol tank even has signatures of workers at Ducati at the time. The top fork yoke is raw aluminium, rather than polished, the fairing is slightly different and there are subtle differences all over this machine. It was used to create the accessories, to ensure all of the parts fitted correctly.

The motorcycle is new and unregistered and comes with the original purchase invoice. This motorcycle was at the cutting edge of how motor manufacturers have shifted their ordering to online. In 1998 Massimo Bordi, head of operations for Ducati Europe, offered the sketches of this concept motorcycle to customers, and the press, at the Intermot Motorcycle Show in Munich. Ducati posted a questionnaire online and 300 customers committed to buying. Ducati then took the took the unprecedented step of selling these machines online only and they went on sale at 00.01 hours on January 1st 2000. An iconic date for an iconic motorcycle. Never had a vehicle been sold in this way, bearing in mind that this was when we accessed the internet by modem still. This is a piece of motorcycling history and a piece of motoring history as it was a very risky and bold move. It is an unusual opportunity to find a prototype Ducati MH900e for sale, or any other Ducati prototype.

This is a true vintage motorcycle with a proven provenance and is unique in many, many ways. A great vintage motorcycle investment from an iconic motorcycle marque. So call The Motorcycle broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615.

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