The Motorcycle Broker sells the rarest Ducati bevel drive

The Motorcycle Broker sells the rarest Ducati bevel drive without advertising it at all. Selling the rarest Ducati bevel drive ever made without advertising it, listing it on my website or even putting it on my newsletter certainly proved challenging. How would I tell the world I have this incredible, rare vintage motorcycle for sale and also show potential buyers the photos? We work with thousands of members of The Inside Line on our website and several vintage motorcycle investors will give me their wish list. More and more customers have bought our vintage motorcycles and understand that when they buy such motorcycles from us, they are delivered as close to a new motorcycle as possible. Our customers understand the quality of our vintage motorcycles, that we understand which motorcycles increase in value and that we guarantee our work. We deliver investment grade vintage motorcycles that increase in value. Our customers know that we understand the vintage motorcycle investment market, because our track record is flawless.

1975 Ducati 900SS Desmo RHS
1975 Ducati 900SS

1975 Ducati 900SS

The 1975 Ducati 900SS bevel drive is pretty much the rarest production motorcycle that Ducati ever built. The almost peerless 1974 Ducati 750SS green frame was extremely rare with just 401 pieces ever produced. However Ducati only ever produce 260 pieces of the 1975 750 and 900SS together. This really is a rare vintage motorcycle and very different to all the other Ducati 750 and 900SS square case models. Many of the parts, like the green frame, are unique to this particular model and were made for just those 260 motorcycles. Finding an investment grade example is seriously challenging, all of those unique components need to be present along with the original nuts and bolts. So many of these machines were modified and upgraded shortly after being used on the roads. Many were crashed, stolen, raced or had engine swaps and such examples will never really increase in value. On the other hand, the investment grade examples will offer vintage motorcycle collectors great profits in the future. The 1975 square case is a great example of a future vintage motorcycle that is, at present, under the radar. The investor who bought this motorcycle is destined to seriously enjoy future profits. Watch out for our future road test on his shrewd purchase.

1974 Ducati 750 SS 1
1974 Ducati 750SS green frame.

List your vintage motorcycle for free

At The Motorcycle Broker you can list your investment grade vintage motorcycle for free. You decide the price you want to receive for your machine and that is what we pay you. We add our commission to the price and we achieve our prices. Buyers come to us because we add value to their machines. We don’t charge for delivery or collection and we don’t charge for any remedial work required to bring the motorcycle up to scratch. We don’t bring anyone round to your house, our buyers trust us to just let us do our job. Once we have a buyer, we just send you the money and collect the motorcycle. Our Google reviews speak for themselves. Motorcycle brokerage is the only way of buying a vintage motorcycle with a high level of due diligence. We also deliver the motorcycle free, put it through our workshop and paint shop, so you know that your vintage motorcycle is investment grade. you also know that it will not be a bottomless pit that you throw money into and that you can ride it.

1975 Ducati 900SS LHS
A beautiful example of this super rare vintage motorcycle.

List your vintage motorcycle or complete collection with us

List your vintage motorcycle or complete collection with us. So many people send their machines to auction, at incredible expense and are told that they need to remove the reserve or the company will remove it from auction after they’ve committed a lot financially to selling it. The reserve is removed and they got nowhere near what they hoped for their machine, or their entire vintage motorcycle collection. Is an auction environment really a sane one to make instant decisions about buying a vintage motorcycle? The machines are sold as seen, not running, with no due diligence and with no come back. We have sold entire collections for owners, off-market, and we have prevented investors from being seriously burned. Yes auctions are exciting, but it’s not a sane environment to make a serious investment. We work with investors to understand what they like, as you should never invest in something you dislike, and we offer a no pressure environment to make your decision in. We are not high pressure salesmen, these decisions must be made very calmly.

1975 Ducati 900SS motor RHS
There are many unique parts on the 1975 Ducati 900SS.

Is your vintage motorcycle investment grade?

Is your vintage motorcycle investment grade? We have sold many vintage motorcycles because clients have bought us motorcycles they’ve bought from auction, eBay, or wherever, and they have spent a fortune trying to get it to run properly. Eventually, they bring it to us and we sought it out and set it up correctly. There are many painful phone calls to the owner, having sent photographs of our findings, revealing the atrocious work that’s been undertaken over the decades. They pay their bill, which is usually significant, and then they ask me what I think of their pride and joy. When I point out why the machine can never be investment grade, they’re crest fallen and realise that it would have cost them less to have just bought an investment grade piece through us in the first place. I point out that genuine machines don’t get sold through auction or eBay, they’re in those places for a reason. The penny drops and they realise how rare investment grade vintage motorcycles are. I then get the phone calls from the owner thanking us for making their motorcycle such a joy to ride, even though it’s not investment grade.

1975 Ducati 900SS LHS front

Due diligence is everything

Due diligence is everything when buying a vintage motorcycle. Only professionals can usually point out the fakes in the market, knows what level of work is required and can set these motorcycles up correctly. We reject about 92% of the examples offered to us, because they will never be investment grade motorcycles. There are reasons why some machines, which seem identical, range so extremely in price. The reason is that one example is investment grade and the other is not. If you want to invest in vintage motorcycles, call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615 or Email [email protected]

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