What returns better Profit: Classic Cars or Classic Motorbikes?

What returns better Profit: Classic Cars or Classic Motorbikes? Classic cars have been delivering incredible profits for well over a decade now, but are classic motorbikes offering greater profits? Many classic motorbikes have tripled in value since 2010, but not so many cars have delivered such dizzying profits of late. The classic motorbikes are at least fifteen years behind the classic cars, so they offer investors great value and future profits. You will see the classic motorbikes offer investors greater flexibility with no left or right hand drive, they take up less space than a car and are easier to move around the world.

Classic car profits vs classic motorcycle profits
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Profits on collectibles have soared
Even Knight Frank declared that classic cars have been the best performing asset between 2000 and 2014. However, classic car prices are generally taking a well-earned breather and some are concerned the market could be stagnating or even declining as you can see in these two articles Why classic cars are worth investing in right now and Have we just seen the peak of the classic car market?
But what about classic motorcycle profits? Classic motorcycles are about fifteen to twenty years behind the classic car market, but that has been changing since 2010. The lion is awakening and the profits are incredible.
Both assets are tax-free if part of a private collection, which give them a great advantage against mainstream investments. Had you bought these three classic motorcycles in 2000, a Honda CB750 Sandcast, MV Agusta 750S and Ducati 916 SP they would have cost you around £27,000. In 2010 they would have cost you £45,000.
Today you would be paying out around the £200,000 mark and they haven’t started to really move yet, this is just the beginning. Had you bought a 1966 Aston Martin DB6 saloon in 2003 you would have paid £27,600 https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/10225/lot/203/?category=results&length=90&page=2
In 2010 you would have paid about £50,000* and now about £200-250,000* in 2018. These are all fantastic profits by anyone’s standards. But the classic car market has stagnated somewhat and awaits the insane injection of life that China will offer. Meanwhile, the motorcycles are becoming well known for consistent profits, access to a truly global market and great value. 
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