Ducati 916 SP3 for sale

A rare opportunity to acquire a beautiful Ducati 916 SP3 for sale. These are incredibly rare and difficult to find. This is a very low mileage example in immaculate condition and with Marchesini wheels from the factory. It comes with the original Brembo wheels boxed up and immaculate. Read the long version to understand how special this incredible classic motorcycle investment is. It has passed all due diligence and is ready to enjoy. For only investment grade classic motorcycles supplied to your door, call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615.


  • Make: Ducati
  • Model: 916 SP3
  • Manufacture year: 1996
  • Kilometres: 8000
  • Engine size: 916
  • Gears: 6

Prices are for investment grade motorcycles only.

A rare chance to find the iconic Ducati 916 SP3 for sale- a design classic, winning the world superbike series and is a great classic motorcycle investment. Introduced in 1994 these machines have even been exhibited as art exhibition, in The Art of the Motorcycle, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. It’s racing heritage is legendary, performance is greater than the sum of its parts and the design is iconic. This is the Ferrari F40 of the classic motorcycle world. Third, in the SP series, the SP3 is very rare indeed with just 497 built. This one has covered only 8,000 kms from new (about 5,000 miles) and is in perfect condition. It comes with the original Brembo wheels in a box and was fitted with the very costly extra from the factory- Marchesini five spoke wheels. It is very rare to find these SPs with this extra, as they were so expensive. You can see my road test for On Yer Bike of another Ducati 916 SP3 here featuring this actual machine.

Very hard to find.

Regularly used for racing, these were crashed, ridden to destruction and stolen. Therefore, there are probably less than 200 investment grade examples left worldwide of the 497 Ducati produced. Finding an investment grade example of this iconic machine is very unusual and difficult indeed. We supplied this machine, de-commissioned it in 2016, since when it has been in a static temperature-controlled collection. It comes with an email from Ducati SPA proving it is a genuine motorcycle, having flown through all due diligence.

Peace of mind.

New belts fitted correctly and a full service prior to delivery. To find an investment-grade Ducati 916 SP3 for sale in such condition is very unusual indeed. This was the last edition Ducati produced in very low numbers for racing homologation purposes. After this series, Ducati built more than twice as many of each series as the SP3. This is the last of the SP series retaining the iconic 916 cubic capacity, prior to Ducati upping the cc to 996cc. The 916 SP is the one to own and is a great classic motorcycle investment, as you can read in this article for this website picked up by Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine here. This one is a great investment grade classic motorcycle to grace your collection. If you want to own a very rare piece of motorcycling history, then call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615.

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