Vintage motorcycle auctions vs motorcycle brokers

Vintage motorcycle auctions vs motorcycle brokers was never a choice before 2006. Today the world is a very different place and investors are seeking guarantees when they buy their vintage motorcycle investment. During the Covid 19 lockdown, vintage motorcycle auctions have learned from motorcycle brokers that buyers can buy remotely online. From the comfort of their own homes. Without ever having to leave their front door. All of their customers. But that is where the similarities end, the two services are very different. When you buy at auction the motor isn’t running, you can’t test ride the motorcycle you’re hoping to buy and it is impossible to do proper due diligence prior to purchase. You have very few rights except prosecuting the seller for mis-description, if they mis-described, which is a very costly and unpleasant process.  With a motorcycle broker the work is all done for you. Factory records, where available, are checked and there are many routes to authentication. The internet is not the place to go to authenticate your vintage motorcycle investment. There is also a very high standard which is maintained, whereby each motorcycle is investment grade. If there is a problem, the motorcycle broker will fix it free of charge. The motorcycle is put through incredibly rigorous workshop processes free of charge. Should there be any work required it will be done for you free of charge. You get a file demonstrating the work carried out, the result of all investigations and a full vintage motorcycle due diligence file proving that your motorcycle is investment grade. The agreed purchase price is all that you will ever pay for your investment grade vintage motorcycle with a motorcycle broker.

Ducati 851 SP3 RHS

Vintage motorcycle guarantee.

Buying a vintage motorcycle at auction comes without any kind of guarantee at all. You are on your own completely. If you buy something that looks great but turns out to be a bottomless pit, draining your bank account, you’re on your own at auction. If you find out the vintage motorcycle you bought is not what you expected and has very little value, you are on your own at auction and in the open market place. If you find out that the motor, gearbox, electrics, frame, cycle parts are not what you believed them to be, then you are pretty much on your own at auction and in the open market place. Even machines which have not been run for 25 years and have only done 5,000 miles can cost a lot to bring up to standard. We secured the Amelia Island 1974 Ducati 750SS green frame for a customer and you can see the work we had to do to make the bike investment grade on our Youtube channel in the link. If the motorcycle you buy at auction, or in the open market place, is not investment grade then you are on your own 100% with no back up whatsoever. But when you buy through a motorcycle broker, they are responsible. Any problems with the mechanical, electrical, chassis, paintwork, or aesthetics of the motorcycle and the motorcycle broker is responsible.

Motorcycle storage

Ever bought a motorcycle at auction and regretted it?

Most people who have bought a vintage motorcycle at auction, on eBay, or from classified adverts with any regularity will have regretted it at some point which is why motorcycle brokers do not buy there. And those regrets are not only costly, they can ruin an enjoyable and profitable way to invest for many people. Motorcycle brokerage is about protecting the buyer’s interest and offering the best possible investment grade motorcycle available in the market. Motorcycle brokers will discuss the market with you and work out rationally an intelligent investment and enjoyment strategy. They will ensure that your motorcycle investment strategy is within your budget and satisfies your vintage motorcycle investment strategy needs. The only agenda a motorcycle broker has is to find you what you require, m because they have no agendas of selling whatever stock they are holding. They are there to solely serve their clients needs, which are bespoke. A motorcycle broker will undertake full due diligence, often using data not in the public domain. The Motorcycle Broker is there to protect your interests and investment. The Motorcycle Broker undertakes enormous investigation on your motorcycle in their workshops and they set the motorcycle up, as close as possible, as if it were new from the factory. No shop, auction house, auction site or classified advertising website will look after a buyer like The Motorcycle Broker will. The best way to look after your vintage motorcycle investment is clearly to buy from The Motorcycle Broker. 

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Make your vintage motorcycle a safe investment.

With the market knowledge of a really good motorcycle broker, vintage motorcycles can be a safe investment. They are motivated to work for the buyer. They ensure and prove that you have an investment grade vintage motorcycle. They ensure that your vintage motorcycle is in excellent condition, will not let you down and even offer a full warranty. The Motorcycle Broker wants the investor to make great profits and works in the investor’s interest. Auction houses work in the auction house’s interest, eBay works in eBay’s interest, motorcycle shops work in the motorcycle shop’s interests, by selling you what they have in stock, and classified ad sites work in their own interests. Vintage motorcycle auctions, motorcycle shops, motorcycle auction sites and motorcycle classified ad sites are motivated by moving as much metal as possible. The Motorcycle Broker works in the clients’ interests and will turn the sale down if the vintage motorcycle is not investment grade. The Motorcycle Broker will always find the motorcycles you want, not what is in stock as there is no stock, and they are good at finding beautiful machines direct from only the smartest vintage motorcycle collectors. Your vintage motorcycle is purchased in a calm manner, without pressure, and in a considered manner. A pressured environment, like an auction, is not a sane environment to make a sane investment choice. Driving hundreds of miles to see a motorcycle does not put you in the correct frame of mind to make an investment decision. A motorcycle shop is not the greatest environment to make an investment decision. The Motorcycle Broker offers value in the vintage motorcycle market and offers guarantees in the vintage motorcycle market that no one else can. The Motorcycle Broker adds value to your vintage motorcycle through their stringent due diligence and workshop files you are given with your vintage motorcycle. The Motorcycle Broker is very careful to protect those who wish to invest safely in vintage motorcycles.

1972 Kawasaki Z1 900 RHS

How to invest safely in vintage motorcycles.

If you want to invest in vintage motorcycles and enter a casino with an 8% chance of finding an investment grade vintage motorcycle. If you want to enter the market, or play in the market, with little market knowledge and about a 99% chance of having to spend a lot to have your vintage motorcycle running correctly. If you want to avoid preventing your vintage motorcycle from deteriorating before your eyes, then there are vintage motorcycle auctions, auction sites, motorcycle shops and classified adverts. If, however, you want to invest safely in vintage motorcycles, with cast iron guarantees and know that your vintage motorcycle is investment grade, then call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166. or email [email protected] 

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