Massive value in classic racing motorcycles

Due to the Massive value in classic racing motorcyclesThe Motorcycle Broker has just sourced the Honda CB1100RB that Ron Haslam won the British Streetbike championship on in 1981 for a client. We can’t divulge the price, but what we can say is that there is huge value in all of the classic racing motorcycles from the 1970s onwards as they are seriously undervalued. This is an area that will see a huge amount of investment money pouring in over the coming decade. When you compare the classic racing car values to those of equivalent classic motorcycles you can see where the prices are going to head. This ex Ron Haslam racer has a great history as you can read in this article here. Classic racing motorcycles with such great stories cannot linger at their present values, as everyone loves to invest in some history.

Honda CB1100R Ron Haslam
The Honda CB1100R that Ron Haslam took the Championship on in 1981

Provenance is everything

It is a market which requires deep due diligence and caution though. Many of these machines are fakes and the world of racing has had its fair share of rogues, and still does. The Ron Haslam machine not only came with plenty of proof of its origins, but we also did a lot of due diligence. We even tracked down Ron’s old mechanic who confirmed the veracity of this particular piece. Be aware that if every Barry Sheene machine claimed to have been turned out to be true, then he would have had a different ride on a daily basis. Finding a genuine ex-Barry Sheene motorcycle is extremely difficult, unless you want a fake. Because the nice man who sold you the motorcycle says it’s genuine means absolutely nothing at all. The courts are full of cases from angry owners who feel ripped off by very plausible people and organisations in racing.

Kenny Roberts TZ750
Kenny Roberts aboard the legendary Yamaha TZ750

Which of these machines will increase in value?

It’s a no brainer that Yamaha TZ700 and 750s will explode in the coming years. There are three Kenny Roberts championship winning motorcycles yet to come to market and when they do, then watch the prices explode. TZ500s will also increase heavily, Suzuki RG500s, RGV500s, YZR500s, Cagiva 500s, Kawasaki KR750s and all of the genuine two stroke classic motorcycles will really take off. Endurance racers can be a great investment and genuine machines that have raced at the Isle off Man TT Classic. Anything Mike Hailwood, Barry Sheene, Carl Fogarty, Rossi, Kenny Roberts, Leon Haslam, Ron Haslam….the list goes on. It’s a market you need to understand from the inside out and there are no short cuts. BUT! They must be genuine as it is a cruel world out there. Genuine machines will fly and the fakes are….fakes. It is better to pay more for a genuine classic racing motorcycle than to pay less for a fake one and think you got a bargain. People know what they have and they’re not stupid, if the correct value is not being asked for the motorcycle, ten you have to ask yourself why.

Michael Rutters PATON SEND
Michael Rutter aboard the Paton at the Isle of Man Classic

How do I enter this exciting market safely?

How do I enter this exciting market safely and without risking everything? There are many ways. Auction houses, but you never know what you’re going to get and you don’t have come back. Ebay? Good luck, you may as well try a car boot sale. All the different road racing sites and magazines? You could try, but make sure your due diligence is spot on. At The motorcycle Broker we try to find three ways to prove a classic motorcycle is genuine. That is not always possible, but there are many ways we have due to our extensive network and thorough due diligence processes. The secret is out that classic motorcycles offer great profits, but the racing motorcycles are overlooked. If you want to enter this market safely, then call The motorcycle Broker.

Paul Jayson

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  1. Mark Farrimond

    I have been around motorcycle racing since 1974. The values or idea that racing motorcycles will rocket has been proved before. Manx Norton’s Ajs 7r and G50. All parked up as the Japanese 2 strokes came through. Manx Norton’s could be bought for £250 pounds. Look at the value now.

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