1974 Ducati 750SS RHS rear

Ducati green frame bargain of the century

This Ducati green frame bargain of the century is a unique occurrence and is the best result, for buyers, using auction houses. At The Motorcycle Broker we often advise our existing customers, if they are looking to buy in the… Read more »
Under the radar classic Italian motorcycle

Under the Radar Classic Italian Motorcycle

An under the radar classic Italian motorcycle is a seriously tough ask, because Italian classic motorcycles have been high on shopping lists for many years. Although an expensive classic Italian motorcycle, towards the top end of the market, the 1975… Read more »
Ducati GT750 Right case

Ducati round case history

A bit of Ducati round case history is required to understand what these machines are about and how special they are in motorcycling history. The round case motor was developed from the very successful 250, 350 and 450 single cylinder… Read more »
Square case motor

Classic motorcycles outstrip inflation

Classic motorcycles outstrip inflation and continue to do so even in these challenging times. Classic motorcycle investment has always outstripped inflation because as the cost of living goes up, so does inflation, so does the number of investors seeking safe… Read more »