Best classic motorcycles to invest in 2023 Part 2

The best classic motorcycles to invest in 2023 part 2 is now focused on all other Italian classic motorcycles except for Ducati. We only recommend investing in the top 8% of each model which is an investment grade example. As values increase buyers want the authentic, genuine examples in the most original state as possible. They want all of those vital components present that really make their machine investment grade. If the motorcycle is restored, the more authentic the restoration is the better, as over-restored examples are no longer desirable. Be wary of other peoples’ restorations as they will have run out of money and cut corners, whatever they tell you. With very few exceptions, restorations always cost more than anyone budgets for and they’re nearly always doing it themselves to save on costs. It’s completely irrelevant whether the person who restored the motorcycle was the chairman of an owners’ club, they were not a professional with the resources at their fingertips. We spend most of our time undoing other peoples’ work.

Best classic motorcycles to invest in 2023 part 2
The MV Agusta 750 Sport from 1974 clearly demonstrates The Motorcycle As Art.

MV Agusta 750 Sport

The MV Agusta 750 Sport is the Alfa Romeo 8C of classic motorcycles and those cars are now selling for over US$20,000,000. With 37 world championships to their name, 270 Grand Prix race victories and 26 years of Grand Prix racing dominance. MV Agusta boasted riders such as Surtees, Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, Agostini and many more all clamouring to ride these magical motorcycles and pioneering them to the podium. This is another of the motorcycles we’ve featured in our The Motorcycle as Art project, because they are just gorgeous to look at as well as own and ride. The sound of the Grand Prix motor from 1957 howling through those four pipes is extraordinary and visceral. Great care and expert help is required to acquire an investment grade example, as there are numerous fakes in the market. Genuine ones are few and far between and there are numerous other details not in the public domain that need to be investigated. These are not really a motorcycle which can be set up in your garden shed, they must be set up by people who really understand these motors or the bills are crippling. There is no doubt that investment grade examples of these machines will go into the millions of pounds in the coming decade. These are one of the few Italian classic motorcycles to rival the green frame in price, value and future classic motorcycle profits. Now really is the time to acquire an investment grade example as they are incredibly rare and such machines are being snapped up into very strong hands. The classic motorcycle market is moving faster and faster every day and the MV Agusta 750 Sport offers a fantastic investment opportunity and joy of ownership.

MV Agusta America 750 Magni for sale

MV Agusta 750 America and Magni

MV Agusta 750 America and Magni are iconic classic Italian motorcycles which are derived from the 750 Sport. However the America signalled the race replica fashion to come in the next decade and beyond. MV Agustas were still all hand made to order, were still exceptionally expensive and really were the most exotic motorcycle on the planet, until the factory closed in 1980. Arturo Magni used to run the race team until they withdrew from racing in 1976 due to noise restrictions. You can read more about this extraordinary man and his time at MV and in this article about Arturo Magni and his life. After which, he set up on his own augmenting existing MVs and using his expertise on many other marques such as Honda, Suzuki, BMW and many more over the years. MV Agusta was Magnis first and pervading love and he created the chain drive conversion for these rare machines. Lots of Magnis are old crashed MVs with some cobbled together Magni parts from many other motorcycles and these are not really collectible at all. A lot of the more modern Magni parts for MVs, although very high quality, are not like the original parts as Aturo’s son Giovani is still producing components for these conversions. These machines are not a very exciting investment, although they are great fun and very beautiful. Buying an MV Agusta Magni really does require expert help as they are a minefield and it is really easy to believe you’ve got a great bargain when you have bought something not worth very much at all. This isn’t to say that genuine MV Agusta Magnis are not a great investment, because the correct one is a really excellent investment and also offers great value. The old bitsas thrown together with parts from different eras, or old crashed MVs that have been cobbled together into a Magni really don’t cut it. Genuine MV Agusta and Americas are a fantastic investment and are extremely rare, requiring expert assistance and verification to find the correct machine.

Laverda SFC drum front LHS
Early Laverda 750SFC homologation special

Laverda 750SFC

The Laverda 750 SFC is a rare homologation special which has shadowed the 1974 Ducati 750SS green frame for its entire life as a collectible Italian classic motorcycle. These are not to be confused with the Laverda 750 SF, they are completely different motorcycles at completely different values. With a fantastic race history and styling that certainly makes a statement, these were a race bike with lights. They are very rare, very easy to fake and a whole load of fun to own and ride. Many green frame owners have added these to their stable as the two really do sit side by side. It’s less well known than the Ducati, but has always been around half the value, and rising, historically so they are not cheap. Now is a really great time to acquire a genuine investment grade example. There’s a lot of pressure under prices which consistently rose in parallel with the green frame for a couple of decades. They have been static for the last few years, so now is a great time to find a really nice example before the prices explode. All Laverdas need a lot of engine work doing to them today due to age, as you will read about in this piece about the Laverda Jota. They often suffer from very poor maintenance as owners discovered the problems but are happy enough to keep them ticking along. They often still run, all seeming well, but need a lot of money spent on the motor. Buying these motorcycles requires expert help to avoid fakes and to explain what work needs to be done, or not as the case may be. Many of these were raced and many were, like green frames, one motorcycle cloned and split into two, so work with an expert as mistakes are outrageously costly.

Aghast Laverda Jota
Laverda Jotas always grab attention, even where they’re parked up!

Laverda Jota

The Laverda Jota is a legendary motorcycle which held the fastest motorcycle in the world for a few years. These brutal triples are charismatic and charming in equal measure when they’re correctly set up and all the work has been done satisfactorily. A well sorted Laverda Jota is a bundle of laughs, outside of the city environment, and draws crowds wherever it’s parked up. The article in the link in the above paragraph Beware the Laverda Jota explains in great detail the problems with most Laverdas from this era due to age, less than desirable factory specification and poor maintenance. On the other hand, if you want to know what a properly sorted out Laverda Jota is like to ride, you can read our Laverda Jota road test. They really are worth the trouble of sorting out, but it is a very costly proposition. Because someone who makes kitchen cabinets (for example) is in a great position in the owner’s club does not mean that they are the type of engineer to set the machines up and resolve any problems with them. They make kitchen cabinets, they’re not an engineer. We rebuild these motorcycles, but we leave all the engineering to Laverda Scozia who are the only people we trust to do the job properly. Laverda Jotas are seriously undervalued and will have to start chasing the present values that the 750 SFC is at. The cost of resolving the inherent problems is quite often more than the present day value of a well sorted out example, which means that prices will have to rise significantly. What matters is that you find an example which is highly original and go from there. The only motorcycles we would buy with any confidence are those that have had the engine work done by Laverda Scozia.

Winning trophy Salon Prive
This 1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport we supplied was winner of Most Exceptional Motorcycle at Salon Privé Concours D’Elegance 2021.

Investment grade classic motorcycle

If you’re interested in sourcing an investment grade classic motorcycle, contact The Motorcycle Broker. We source the classic motorcycle you want to invest in, ensuring it’s original enough for us to ensure it’s delivered to you in investment grade condition. We do not hold stock, so we have no agenda to sell you what’s on our showroom floor. You can come and view the quality of our motorcycles at our premises, but we have to find you the correct example of machine that you want.  It then goes through our workshop, it comes with a due diligence file, workshop file, free UK mainland delivery and a one year unlimited mileage warranty. Call The Motorcycle Broker on 01364 649027 or 07971 497615 or Email [email protected]

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