The Motorcycle Broker sells Allen Millyard’s masterpiece off market

The Motorcycle Broker sells Allen Millyard’s masterpiece off market. Allen Millyard is an incredible engineer who creates motorcycling masterpieces. Just Google him and you’ll see how he creates these machines in his tiny garage with a hack saw, welding equipment, many files, a lathe, a milling machine and a pillar drill. His creations and skills are now featured in the magazine Classic Motorcycle Mechanics and on television on The Motorbike Show with Henry Cole.

Millyard RHS
Allen Millyard’s 1000cc Kawasaki H2 4 cylinder is something to behold.

Allen builds his creations to look exactly like standard factory motorcycles, or prototypes of wild machines never put into production. He has built fifty-two machines since the late 1990s including a Dodge Viper V10 motorcycle producing 800 BHP. He decided to build the biggest V-Twin motorcycle ever and style it around the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vehicles. He found two Pratt and Whitney aircraft cylinders, which together, created a 5 litre V-Twin. He made his own crank cases and all other components, even the carburettors, in his garage. He built a V8 from a Kawasaki from a Z900 making 1600cc and a V12 2.6 litre from a Kawasaki Z1300. Both of these machines are now in the Barbour Museum in the US. He has built numerous other incredible creations.

Millyard Dodge Viper
Allen Millyard has made his 800 BHP Dodge Viper motorcycle rideable; a feat that Dodge themselves failed to achieve.

What Allen got known for, in the beginning, was adding cylinders to Kawasaki’s “Widow Maker” 1970s Kawasaki two strokes. He built five-cylinder machines from H2 750s. We have had the honour of selling a four-cylinder 1000cc Kawasaki H2 750 and you can see the video of our road test on our video page here. You can also read our road test of his incredible Kawasaki H2 four cylinder 1000 here and his outrageous six cylinder Kawasaki Super Six here. His H2 looks bog standard, even the coded date stamps on the wheel rims match the correct month of production for this machine. It looks like a beautiful restoration of this iconic motorcycle, once with the title of the fastest production motorcycle in the world. As your eyes pass over this wonderful machine, with paintwork carried out by a previous Pebble Beach winner, your eyes will blink purposefully. Motorcycle statistics will pass through your brain at lightning speed as you question your knowledge. These H2s were three cylinders? I know they were triples, so why has this one got four?

This motorcycle has four because Allen hack sawed the crank cases vertically, built a new crank and gave it an extra cylinder to take it out to 1,000cc. Allen tells me it delivers 121 BHP on the dyno, and I don’t doubt him having ridden it. I will soon be publishing a road test on this very matter.

Is a Millyard a good classic motorcycle investment?

Allen’s Millyard’s creations are a very good classic motorcycle investment, indeed. They all appear to be standard motorcycles at first glance (alright he fits spannies to most of his two strokes) and that was always Allen’s intention. The H2 we just sold has all of the correct date stamps on all of the components, just like any investment grade H2 would. The prices of Allen’s motorcycles, on the very rare occasions he does choose to sell them, have consistently increased very time any of them are sold. Allen’s profile is now being raised further by The Motorbike Show on Channel Four, however prior to this and also becoming a regular fixture in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, Allen was already receiving several million visitors to his own website every year. He has been globally established for over a decade. He has consistently won Salon Prive, among numerous other shows with his stunning creations. Allen’s motorcycles increase in value because they are unique, bespoke and built by a globally respected craftsman. Allen’s machines also offer immense value, when you think that Dodge built their own V10 Viper motorcycles with four wheels, two beside each other front and rear. They built ten pieces, owners had to agree not to ride them (because they’re unrideable) and they sold every one of them for $500,000 each! Allen has no intention of moving his Viper on so you’ll have to buy an unrideable Dodge with four wheels unless we can persuade him to change his mind, but he’s a determined man. Many members of the public have tried to persuade Allen to sell his machines to them, but he never obliges and for good reason.

Allen came to us at The Motorcycle Broker to sell his machine discreetly through our off-market system we have developed. This was his last Kawasaki H2 two stroke he built back in 2016 and it was his own personal motorcycle ever since. He does build machines for his family, but not for the general public. The sale generated one false start, but I resolved that without bugging Allen until it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. No one went to his home, nothing more than photographs were released, with Allen’s consent, and we continued the discreet marketing.

My buyer came and found me, and wanting something unique, that was a great investment and something that no one else really had. I delivered him answers to all his questions and he decided that this would deliver great joy, a fantastic story and far better returns than his old ISA he’d just cashed in. Allen was delighted with our service and is happy that we sell his creations in future, when he does decide to sell something again.

Flying Millyard
The Flying Millyard, the world’s largest V twin motorcycle in the world.

Our off-market system, that we have developed ourselves, is a discreet and very successful way to sell classic and vintage motorcycles. We have even sold a complete collection of six Ducatis that were incredibly dear to their owner this way. We could not advertise them, put them on newsletters or on our website, but we still did the deal. We work out the price the owner wants and all our commission is rolled up into the asking price, which we achieve. The motorcycle then goes through our rigorous workshop procedures, our paint shop to iron out any imperfections and is only then delivered free of charge. We produce a due diligence file, proving the motorcycle is genuine, and a workshop file demonstrating everything we have done to the machine and why we have done it. All of this is included in our commission and we never ask the client for more money if we find a problem. We actually do one hell of a lot for our commission. Our unique classic motorcycle brokerage system is the safest way to buy and sell your classic motorcycles. If you have a burning desire to buy something special such as an Allen Millyard motorcycle speak to us at The Motorcycle Broker.

If you have a motorcycle, or a complete collection of motorcycles, you wish to sell we list the machines for free. We just ask that you don’t advertise them elsewhere. If you want to own the rarest motorcycles, or just investment grade examples, or want a complete portfolio than contact The Motorcycle Broker. We help others to invest safely in classic motorcycles.

Paul Jayson

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10 Responses to “The Motorcycle Broker sells Allen Millyard’s masterpiece off market”

  1. I know there are a lot more of us wanting a Millyard bike than there are bikes to sell. Is there a way to be on a list to be notified if any of his bikes come up? Perhaps they would sell to highest bidder, giving us all chance to own one of his wonderful creations. Personally, I am interested in any of the Widow-Maker two strokes.

    • Paul Jayson

      Hi Ron, Allen has no plans to do a rotary engined bike at present. However we are distributor for frighten Motorcycles which are producing 25 hand built rotary racers which are 700cc, 220BHP and 129 KGs. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about these.

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