The Motorcycle Broker wins class at Salon Privé

The Motorcycle Broker wins class at Salon Privé 2021. In Class B, exceptional motorcycles, the 1975 MV Agusta we found for a client wins its class outright. We’re so proud and it really does show that we are doing the right thing, by sticking to our principles, which is to source the finest motorcycles in the world, set them up correctly, ensure they are perfect in every way and add value to them. Our client was really chuffed when he first bought a 1976 Ducati 900SS and Honda CBX1000 from us and decided to go the MV route. So we sold both bikes, booking him a very decent profit, and sourced one of the last three MV Agusta 750 Sports to ever leave the factory. We stood by our principles to never over-restore, be retain the original look from the factory and to retain the original spirit of the motorcycle. The judges agreed with our choice to work extremely hard to retain the authenticity of our motorcycle.

Salon Privé judges checking out the authenticity
Salon Privé judges checking out the authenticity of our 1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport

Adding value to customers’ motorcycles

We are constantly adding value to our customers’ motorcycles they source through us in so many ways. To even be admitted to the Concours’ D’Elegance competitions in itself adds value to a machine, but to win the class, or even get runner up adds even more value. It opens more doorways, such as features in daily newspapers, motorcycle magazines and even television programs, all focused on that one motorcycle to build the provenance of the machine. Very few of these machines come with provable provenance and many that do are just not investment grade. We work with only investment grade examples to start with and then make them just like a new motorcycle from the factory when it was first built. We do this by retaining as much of the original paint, components and original spirit of that machine. This is a challenging way to go about delivering an investment grade classic motorcycle, but it is the only way that works. Each classic motorcycle is taken on its own merits and in its own context, there is no blanket rule or formula. Once we have finished with the classic motorcycle and it’s ready for delivery, it’s as close to a new machine from the factory and good for the next fifty years, provided the maintenance is kept up correctly.

Chatting with our friend Allen Millyard
Chatting with our friend Allen Millyard just as we’re starting the parade


So few motorcycles come with true provenance from the 1960s onwards, as most owners just rode them hard, sold them and as they got older people cared less and less about them as newer models took precedent over them. They all went through decades of being unwanted and abused, so it’s incredibly rare to find one with a provable history. Also, what does that mean? You can see what a full Ducati service history (which you can buy on auction sites) meant we delivered this 1995 Ducati 916 SP in this article here which was genuinely serviced by four different Ducati dealerships. We create a provenance from the moment it leaves our workshop and is delivered to the new owner. Our quality is now very well known and classic motorcycle investors are understanding that we buy a motorcycle on their behalf it is right. The work we then do is unlike the work any dealer would take on and auction houses offer no work whatsoever to the motorcycle you buy. We then keep adding value to our customers’ motorcycles by featuring them on our site in articles, in motorcycle magazines, in daily newspapers and even on television. We also enter them, at no cost to the customer, into Concours D’Elegance shows and other shows around the country. No classic motorcycle supplier goes to such lengths for their customers.

1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport Salon Privé 2021
1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport Salon Privé 2021 is appreciated by the judges just before the parade.

Investment grade classic motorcycles

We supply investment grade classic motorcycles to our customers which are of the highest quality. They all require the amount of work we have to do, sue to age, as this article and this article clearly demonstrate. If the work hasn’t been done then you are buying a black hole into which to throw money. Even motorcycles that have been static from the day they were built can come with their own problems. These are either investment grade classic motorcycles or they are not investment grade classic motorcycles. Even if they’re de-commissioned, they need to be set up correctly first- assuming they are already correct in every way possible to start with. Most of what’s in the market is very poor quality and we are frequently turning away work on seriously poor motorcycles people have bought in the market. We have had to break owner’s hearts too often, working on other people’s restorations and finding the most disgraceful work on shiny machines they were assured were investment grade. If you want an award winning classic motorcycle, call The Motorcycle Broker on 01803 865166 or 07971 497615 or Email [email protected] and have a no pressure consultation with the experts.

Award winning classic motorcycle
Award winning 1975 MV Agusta 750 Sport from The Motorcycle Broker.
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